First Car-Buyers Guide Brisbane - Drive Away With No Regrets

Posted: 22/07/2021
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Buying a new car is one of the most rewarding experiences for the majority of people.

It's a rite of passage for new drivers who have just been awarded their P's and experienced drivers alike. No matter how many times you've gone through it, the new car feeling is enough to put a giant smile on your face as you click through all the new features and get ready to hit the road. 

If you've never bought a car before, it can seem overwhelming knowing where to start. This guide aims to help first-car buyers like you understand what the Brisbane car-buying process is like, and the steps you need to take before you're cruising in your new ride.  

Establish Your Budget 

Step one - create a budget that you can work with. Your car budget should be flexible enough to allow you to weigh up some options. Make sure your maximum price accounts for add-ons, on-road costs (such as stamp duty, insurance, registration, dealer delivery, etc.) and ongoing repairs and services. 

Your budget should cover if you can afford to pay outright or if a financial plan is a better option to help you get on the road sooner. The more you can save, the less interest you will need to fork out later, provided you maintain regular payments. 

You may also be interested in leasing a car, which gives you more manageable weekly repayments without working toward ownership. Just remember, a car loan is a big responsibility and one that can creep up on you if you're not vigilant. Be sure to hit the books beforehand and understand how much you're willing to spend and if you can sustain regular payments. 

Get A Payment Plan That Works For You 

There's no one-size-fits-all plan for car repayments. Oldmac Mazda understands that, which is why we strive to provide you with convenient and complete motor vehicle finance solutions. Oldmac Mazda can assist with both personal and business requirements. Our experienced Business Managers can always tailor a Finance Package to suit your individual needs.

Oldmac Mazda's fixed Rate Car Loan offers you flexibility regarding your choice of loan term and repayment frequency. Alternatively, our Mazda Assured service lets you enjoy a new Mazda with the reassurance of a Guaranteed Future Value* (GFV), as well as lower monthly repayments which you can learn more about here. 

Our Affordability Calculator is a brilliant tool that lets you budget accordingly before you even step into a Brisbane dealership. 

Springwood Mazda

Know What Style Of Car Matches Your Lifestyle 

We all have such varied needs and lifestyles, so your car should encourage your pursuits instead of holding you back. From the student-favourite Hatchbacks to the handyperson's 4x4 Ute and the sleek Sports Car, there is an ocean of cars with different features on the market. 

Your first step is to think about your current lifestyle and predict where you may be in a few years. A car is a long-time investment, and your day-to-day will likely change in that time. Is a family on the horizon? Maybe you're a student now and your job requirements will change once you graduate. Accounting for change may save you from needing to sell and take on a new dept later on. 

New Or Second-Hand Cars 

Most new car buyers ask themselves the big question if they want to save a bit extra for a brand spanking new car or settle for one that's been pre-loved. Both have their ups and downs, so it really depends on your current situation. 

New Cars

  • Are protected by New Car Warranties 
  • Include the latest technology and often have improved fuel efficiency
  • Higher price range 
  • Depreciate quickly
  • Could have higher car insurance premiums

Used Cars

  • Often do not include a warranty 
  • Require much more background research 
  • Could have unseen issues and are more likely to need repairs 
  • Can still come with great features (if they're newer models) 
  • Cheaper immediately (depending on car make and model) 
  • May attract lower car insurance premiums.

There's nothing wrong with a used car, but to avoid becoming a second-hand car horror story, aim to purchase your used vehicles via an accredited and trusted Brisbane dealership. If you're buying directly from an owner, make sure you bring along a knowledgeable family member or friend who understands what to look for. Do a quick check of the odometer and make sure it matches the service history logbook. Try to organise a test drive and consider having a mechanic inspect it before going on any lengthy drives. 

Oldmac Mazda has a great range of new and second-hand Mazda models. Our reputable dealership will see you driving away with a fantastic car that has already been serviced and checked by our expert Mazda mechanics. 

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Insure Your New Vehicle

It's a dangerous game to blow most of your budget on your lovely new car only to find there are no funds left to insure it. Your insurance premium can vary depending on several external factors. Account for how much this will cost; your chosen dealership should be able to give you an idea of insurance cost. You just need to ask. 

Several factors impact your insurance premium, so make sure that you budget for insurance and take the time to get the right coverage for you and your car. Shop around and see which insurance options are available for you. We recommend you get it sorted as soon as you pick up a new car, or at least not long after. 

Have You Considered A Mazda? 

Mazda is one of the most trusted brands in Australia. We specialise in reliable and affordable sedans, utes, SUVs, hatchs, sports cars and more. Whatever you want from your first car, we have a model that will go above and beyond. Check out our range of vehicles and keep an eye out for one of our regular sales.

If something catches your eye, give us a call today or stop by our showroom and chat with one of our friendly staff. 

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