First-Ever Mazda CX-60


Now revealed, First-Ever Mazda CX-60 sets a new standard for SUVs. More than a new vehicle, it’s a high-class composition of driving dynamics, performance, interior comfort and intelligent technology.

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Pure, Simple and Bold

Shaped by the Japanese concept of 'Ma' - the calm and dignified beauty of empty space, and the aesthetic principle of 'less is more', its purposeful lines convey a beauty that is pure, simple and bold. An elegant composition where the surfaces reflect light and its proportions, clearly revealing its front-engine, rear-wheel drive character.

Inspired, Crafted and Considered 

An elevation to an entirely new level of luxury and sophistication, each element of the interior is carefully considered. Materials like maple wood and nappa leather make for a sanctuary where you experience complete comfort. While intuitive technology like facial recognition ensures a drive that's highly personalised.

A Passion for Driving

A vehicle truly in-tune with those behind the wheel, First-Ever Mazda CX-60 evokes a passion for driving. A new powerful plug-in hybrid and new inline six-cylinder petrol & diesel engines provide responsiveness, refinement and environmental performance - without compromise. Then there's the driving thrill and joy that comes with an exhilarating rear-wheel drive chassis.



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