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Convenient and complete motor vehicle finance solutions. Springwood Mazda can assist with both personal and business requirements. Our experienced Business Managers can tailor a Finance Package to suit your individual needs.

Why Springwood Mazda Finance

  • Fast & Efficient pre-approvals on-site
  • Competitive Rates
  • Tailored Options
  • Easy Application Process
  • No Deposit Finance
  • Experienced Qualified Finance / Business Managers
  • Loans Specifically For Vehicles – Why Go Anywhere Else?

Our focus at Springwood Mazda is providing unparalleled assistance and advice. This first-class customer service ensures our clients return for their second, third, fourth and even fifth new vehicle!

Types of finance available to you:

  • Consumer Loan
  • Consumer Loan with Mazda Assured
  • Business Vehicle Loan
  • Business Vehicle Loan with Mazda Assured

To get a no-obligation, competitive finance quote, please contact us on (07) 3063 5656 or email us using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Whether it’s the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)* of Mazda Assured or a Fixed Rate Car Loan,
we’ve got a finance option for you.


You can enjoy a new Mazda more often with the reassurance of a GFV* as well as lower monthly repayments5Learn more.



Whether you are after a car loan for yourself or your business, our Fixed Rate Car Loan offers you flexibility including your choice of loan term and repayment frequency. Learn more.


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Enjoying the very best Mazda has to offer. Now and in the future.

The ability to own a new Mazda every few years means you’ll never fall out of love. It also means you’ll always be surrounded by the latest in quality and style. 

GFV – A new way to own your Mazda

Mazda Assured uses a GFV which is effectively the minimum value that your Mazda will be worth at the end of your loan term as set by us, Mazda Finance. The GFV is the final amount due for payment at the end of your loan. With a traditional personal car loan without a balloon payment, your repayments are based on the entire loan amount. Whereas, Mazda Assured offers a GFV so you can enjoy lower monthly repayments,^ leaving you free to spend your money on other things – like the first road trip in your new Mazda.


1 CHOOSE YOUR DEPOSIT or pay no deposit at all, dependent on your circumstances.

2 CHOOSE YOUR LOAN TERM between one to four years and with your choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

3 ESTIMATE NUMBER OF KMS DRIVEN by the end of the loan term. For example, 20,000km per year would be 80,000km over a four year loan term.

4 DRIVE AWAY IN YOUR NEW MAZDA We calculate your GFV and your repayments so you can drive away with confidence.

Mazda Assured FAQ


See which Mazda Finance product suits you best with our features and benefits chart.



Many interest rates follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, with Mazda Finance, our sophisticated software calculates an interest rate based on your individual circumstances. This is your Mazda Tailored Rate. It’s transparent, personalised to you and is the same rate at any Mazda Finance Dealership throughout Australia.

Financing Your Mazda

Choose Your New Mazda

This is the fun part. From a BT-50 to a Mazda 3, the choice is yours.

Set Your Repayment Schedule

Decide on your repayment frequency, loan term and a deposit (this could be cash or a trade in).

We Tailor Your Rate

Springwood Mazda will then calculate your unique Mazda Tailored Rate and submit your loan application.

Drive Away

We'll receive a decision on your application. If you're approved, all you need to do is sign the paperwork and pick up the keys.


What documents do I need to apply?

We've created a checklist for you before you head into the dealership.

Download the checklist


What is Mazda Assured?

Mazda Assured is our Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) product, offering customers reassurance and benefits, such as lower weekly repayments compared to a standard personal car loan with no balloon, over the same term.

What’s a Guaranteed Future Value?

It is the minimum value of your Mazda at the end of your loan term (subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met), as determined by Mazda Finance. So, if you decide to return your car at the end of the loan term, you can feel confident in knowing how much your Mazda will be worth to us. 

How do you calculate the Guaranteed Future Value?

We calculate the GFV based on sales results of similar vehicles, as well as economic factors. The GFV can vary based on your loan term and agreed kilometres.

What are my end of loan term options?

With Mazda Assured, you have the choice of trading, keeping or returning your Mazda at the end of your loan term. If you choose to trade your Mazda, you can discuss new vehicle options with your Dealer. If you want to keep your Mazda, you can pay the final payment (equal to the GFV) or subject to approval, you can refinance the final payment. If you choose to return your Mazda, you can take advantage of the GFV, as Mazda Finance will put the GFV against your final payment. You will then have nothing more to pay (subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met). 

What happens if I have damage to my car?

Near to the end of your loan, we can provide a complimentary assessment of the damage to your car and advise any extra costs outside the Fair Wear & Tear Guide. You can choose to have the vehicle repaired by someone else, otherwise we can organise the repairs and deduct the costs from your GFV. This Adjusted GFV is what we will offer you if you return your Mazda.

At the end of the day am I actually paying more?

Mazda Assured offers lower weekly repayments than a standard loan over the same term. Since your final payment is equal to the GFV, the total interest that you will pay over the loan term is higher than that of a similar loan amount and term without a final balloon payment. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice to determine whether this product is suitable for you. 

Do I own the car or is this a lease?

Mazda Assured is not a lease, it is a loan. Mazda Finance holds a security interest over your car until it is paid off, but you own the car. 

What is a Mazda Tailored Rate?

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we use our sophisticated software to calculate an interest rate based on your credit score and many other relevant factors determined by us, such as; marital status, property ownership, type of vehicle loan, and much more. This means you can be confident that you are getting a fair and transparent interest rate. 

Can I sell my car privately?

If you have any more questions, head over to or contact our Finance Business Manager who can assist you at Springwood Mazda.