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Range Mazda MX-30 Hybrid

G20E Evolve

Base features:

  • M Hybrid system
  • Freestyle rear doors
  • 18-in alloy wheels


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G20E Touring

In addition to G20e Evolve:

  • Advanced keyless entry
  • Pure White Maztex seats with power adjustment
  • Exterior mirror with auto dimming function (driver side)


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G20E Astina

In addition to G20e Touring:

  • Power Sliding and Tilt Glass Sun-Roof
  • Bose® premium audio
  • Vision Technology as standar


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Introducing a car with a vision for the future that's built for now. First-Ever Mazda MX-30 M Hybrid features a unique mild hybrid engine and cutting-edge style, as well as sustainable materials that reduce emissions without compromising the feeling of Zoom-Zoom. A fully electric variant will also be coming to our shores soon.

Overseas model shown

The New Rules of Design

Spearheaded by Program Manager Tomiko Takeuchi and her skilled design team, Mazda MX-30 has been created to its own set of rules. The fine craftsmanship is designed for active lifestyles. Look forward to bespoke and high-quality materials, including recycled fabric, that convey a sense of calm on even the busiest days.

Crafted Around You

Effortless design that’s both simple and elegant result in a cabin that has everything you need within easy reach but never feels cluttered.

A Connection We Can All Enjoy

Feeling at one with the ride is a philosophy behind every Mazda. It’s no different with Mazda MX-30. The cabin gives the feeling of calm which enables you to arrive at your destination refreshed.


Mazda MX-30 features the unique use of cork in the centre console. Harvested from the bark of a tree over 200 years it’s as durable as it is sustainable.

Recycled Fabrics

The door trim features a fibrous material that creates a sense of openness within the cabin and uses fibres made from recycled plastic bottles.

Premium Vintage Maztex

No compromise for quality has been spared with these top-quality faux leather seats. No organic solvents are used in the production process, meaning this material helps significantly lowers the overall environmental impact of Mazda MX-30.



7-incg Touch Screen

The touch screen allows you to access climate control with ease, ensuring the comfort of everyone on board.

BOSE® Sound System

12 premium Bose® speakers placed throughout the cabin and a 231 watt digital amplifier elevate music and audio to higher standard.

Active Driving Display

This clever screen shows your current speed, recognises traffic signs, and puts important navigation information straight into your line of sight.

LCD Mult-Information Display

The 4.2-inch display projects key information crystal clear and in full colour.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

Sit back and experience the inviting comfort of a heated steering wheel and front seats.

360° View Monitor

This clever technology gives you eyes all around the vehicle, adding to the impressive safety technology.



Mazda’s first electric engine is the beginning of our commitment to a more sustainable, cleaner future. The result is an efficient drive that importantly doesn’t sacrifice any of the Zoom-Zoom performance that’s in the DNA of every one of our vehicles.


The M Hybrid component is our innovative evolution of hybrid car technology, capturing and storing energy in a lithium ion battery. This is then used to power electrical systems and provide additional torque.

Economical Power

E-Skyactiv-G provides exhilarating performance and at low engine speeds there's plenty of torque.


More Efficient

Less fuel used means less time at the pump and more time to enjoy the open road.

Battery Power Storage

The lithium-ion battery captures and stores power to use in powering electrics.



While owning Mazda MX-30 offers plenty of peace of mind, it also protects the body with a host of intelligent safety features.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

By scanning external mirrors’ blind spots up to 50m behind your vehicle, radars detect unseen vehicles to alert you of any potential hazardous lane changes.

e-G Vectoring Control Plus (e-GVC)

e-GVC Plus improves cornering response by reducing engine torque and shifting the load to the front wheels, creating a more pleasant feel for driver and passengers.

Front Cross Traffic Alert (FCTA)

When pulling out of T-intersections and driveways, FCTA checks for approaching vehicles in your blind spots either side of the front of your Mazda. When an oncoming vehicle is detected it sounds a warning.

Cruising & Traffic Support (CTS)

When stuck in slow moving traffic, CTS can assist with driver fatigue by automatically operating the accelerator and brake pedals to maintain a proper trailing distance between you and the vehicle ahead. In addition, the system assists with steering to keep the car in its proper lane, supporting a safer, more comfortable driving experience

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) with Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)

LDW monitors road markings and alerts you if you’re straying from your lane. If no action is taken, it will apply corrective steering to help guide you back.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) with Pedestrian Recognition

At speeds of 4-80km/h, SCBS-F monitors the vehicle in front to assess the likelihood of a collision. If there is a high risk, the system will warn you and brake automatically if needed.

Safety Reinforcement

The rigid chassis and frame is constructed from hi-tensile steel, ensuring strong collision protection.